Mugi wins the 2021 Clash Royale League World Finals-Dot Esports

2021-12-15 00:13:12 By : Ms. Kathy Wu

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A new world champion has been crowned.

Mugi is the new Royal War World Champion. The Japanese player defeated Egypt's Mohamed Wright 2-1 in the fierce final to become the champion.

Mugi's performance in the 2021 Clash Royale League (CRL) World Finals was amazing. The player advanced to the final after defeating Framcito, Sandbox, Astoria and Egor. On the other hand, Mohamed Light (Mohamed Light) lost in the semifinals of the previous group, but insisted on playing Mugi in the final in the next group.

Muhammad and Muji won the first two games respectively, pushing the series to the third. Although the early game was fairly balanced, with both players reducing damage, the attacks of the balloon, lumberjack, and barbarian locked the game for Mugi. Muhammad responded with a mortar, drawing the balloon away from his princess tower. However, Mugi's forces were able to quickly demolish the building and move towards the tower again.

Mohamed played a queen archer to stop the attack, but a perfectly timed freeze spell by Mugi connected the balloon to the tower. Later, with an angry spell, Mugi was able to knock down the tower.

In the rest of the game, Muhammad was unable to respond to this. Although he tried to launch an attack many times, with the timer turned off to zero, Muji was able to defend easily.

Congratulations @Mutyan_cr! You have earned your reputation!

Mugi will take home $200,000 and a crown trophy. Mohamed will receive $100,000 from the $1,020,000 prize pool to rank second.

Mugi has now become the first individual "Clash Royale" world champion since Sergio Ramos in 2017. From 2018 to 2020, Supercell adopted a closed team model for the Clash Royale League. However, this format was improved in 2021 and was open to everyone during the eight seasons leading up to the World Finals. The company has not disclosed its plans for 2022.