Kubota\'s Reliable Z482 Power Plant Low Voltage Light Tower


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                                                                RPLT-7200 SERIES LIGHTING TOWER
Product Info 
LINGHTINGLighting Panels Per Unit6*480W SAA Certified Robust Power LED Lamps
Optional Colour Temperature2100K-5700K
Auto StartDusk-Dawn Auto/Stop Timer
Longevity3 Years
Lumen Output261000
Hydraulic Mast Extension10000mm
Hydraulic Rotation±135degrees
TRAILERHeavy Duty Hydraulic Stabiliser Legs 4
600mm Fold Away Tow Bar for TransportingYES
Tyre Size16inch
MINE SPEC CHASSIC&CABINFuel Capacity270litres plastic
Number Axles2
Wheel Chocks4
Fluid BundingYES
GENERATOREngine Brand Kubota
ModelD905 3Cylinder in-lined,liquid cooled/Z482 2Cylinder Vertical Liquid Cooled Diesel
Fuel Consumption1.01L/HR / 0.9L/HR
Alternator48V DC Brushless Alternator,Self Excitation
Power Generation5KW/4KW Continuous(DC)
ELECTRONICS/INSTRUMENT PANELTimer Controller Automatic Start and ShutdownYES
Fail-safe Shutdown -High Temp,Low Oil Pressure,Low Voltage
Lexzan Jump Start Enabled
Jumper Cables
Sms Communication:start,stop,fuel usage,telementary
Battery Isolator
Timer Shutdown Control
Jump Start Receptacle&Jump Leads
Emergency Stop
Key Features 
Heavy-duty trailer construction, dual-axle with hydraulic dis brake
Four-folded hydraulic operation mast, structural stability
Mobile phone connectivity:start/stop/fuel usage/engine telemetry capability via text
Dead man hydraulic control and individual light control
High decibels motion alarm/beacon
Folding tow bar, total length is 2490mm

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