Mobile Solar Light Tower

1.Support more than 10 rainy days with the best technology2.210lm/W super bright led chip3.3 Lighting Mode for choosing, motion sensor for energy saving.4.Detachable design of battery pack and led chip,easy to maintenance.5.Waterproof IP65.6.Turn on at dusk and tun off at dawn automaticallySpecificationLighting Time10-14hrs/day(

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1.Support more than 10 rainy days with the best technology
2.210lm/W super bright led chip
3.3 Lighting Mode for choosing, motion sensor for energy saving.
4.Detachable design of battery pack and led chip,easy to maintenance.
5.Waterproof IP65.
6.Turn on at dusk and tun off at dawn automaticallyMobile Solar Light Tower
Lighting Time10-14hrs/day(adjustable),3-7 rainy days back-up
Solar PanelPoly solar panel 100W(optional)*1pcs,high efficiency,life span >25years 80% rated output power
Gel BatteryCapacity 80Ah/12v(optional)*1pcs,free maintenance,better weather-ability(-20ºC to +55ºC)
Deep cycle 3500 times @ 30% DOD,low self discharge rate,life span>8 years
Solar ControllerMPPT/PWM,intelligent output power control,light on/off+time off,remote control,waterproof IP68 over-charge/discharge/over heat/over load/short circuit/anti-reverse protections,life span:>10 years
LED LampLED power 40w,USA Bridgelux LED chip efficiency 200lm/w,Whole LED lamp efficiency 180lm/w, IP65 or higher,CRI>70Ra,C.T. 3000-6500k(optional),life span>100,000hrs
Light PoleQ235 steel material,hot-dip galvanized and powder coating,equipped with lamp arm/solar panel mounting bracket/flange/fittings/foundation kit,wind resistance>150km/h,life span>20 years
Solar Battery Installtion Position
Mobile Solar Light Tower
Working Mode

Mobile Solar Light Tower
Product Benefits
Mobile Solar Light Tower
Recommended configurations
LampPoleSolar PanelGEL Battery Lighting SpaceControllerWorking HoursBackup
20w3-4m50w*1pcs40Ah*1pcs>12mMPPT10-14 hours3-5days
30w4-5m80w*1pcs60Ah*1pcs>14mMPPT10-14 hours3-5days
40w5-6m100w*1pcs80Ah*1pcs>15mMPPT10-14hours3-5 days
50w6-7m120w*1pcs50Ah*2pcs>17mMPPT10-14 hours3-5days
60w7-8m150w*1pcs60Ah*2pcs>20mMPPT10-14 hours3-5 days
70w7-8m180w*1pcs70Ah*2pcs>22mMPPT10-14 hours3-5 days
80w8-9m200w*1pcs80Ah*2pcs>24mMPPT10-14 hours3-5 days
90w8-9m120w*2pcs90Ah*2pcs>24mMPPT10-14 hours3-5 days
100w9-10m130w*2pcs100Ah*2pcs>27mMPPT10-14 hours3-5 days
120w10-11m150w*2pcs120Ah*2pcs>30mMPPT10-14 hours3-5 days
140w11-12m180w*2pcs140Ah*2pcs>33mMPPT10-14 hours3-5 days
150w11-12m200w*2pcs150Ah*2pcs>33mMPPT10-14 hours3-5 days
180w12-13m250w*2pcs180Ah*2pcs>35mMPPT10-14 hours3-5 days
200w12-13m280w*2pcs200Ah*2pcs>35mMPPT10-14 hours3-5 days
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Mobile Solar Light Tower
Mobile Solar Light Tower

Mobile Solar Light Tower

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