Goldsboro water tower turned into a festive "crown" ::

2021-12-15 00:41:16 By : Mr. Logan Yuan

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It is called the crown because this is exactly what the water tower in Goldsboro looks like when the Christmas lights are lit. The tower with a round top was first lit in 1938 and has been a delightful colorful lighthouse for generations of Goldsboro families.

Said that money should be spent on learning. The show is broadcast every Sunday at 2:00 pm >>> The Christmas lights are beautiful. In Goldsboro, we found our TAR heel traveler in Wayne County. >> Reporter: GOLDSBORO may become the king of Christmas just because of its crown. >> I like this tower. In my life, this tower has been a signal that Christmas is coming. >> There are something on the water tower with lights on it, which looks like a crown. >> Honestly, it adds to its beauty. >> It was lit in 1938. >> Before 1941, we had never launched an attack on the United States, so it was a terrible time. >> 1945 Pearl Harbor anniversary, it is Relit. >> After the war, the mayor called it a beacon of hope and a beacon of joy. >> I grew up in the 50s and 60s, we will see the excitement here and the water tower, you know it is Christmas. There is a crown, there is a crown! >> This year everyone participated in the Crown Challenge and adjusted their position to make the crown appear to be on your head. >> My only grandson, he is the fourth generation of HOLTS who saw it light up. >> We are lucky. We have a beautiful tower. This is the sign. It crowned Kingsboro. >> And this tower is not only colorful, but also huge,