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There are countless wonders around the world to explore. Although some of these objects were discarded and forgotten, other places were ignored and completely absorbed by nature.

Some of these mysterious attractions include abandoned mines, Harley-Davidson Cemetery, abandoned yellow houses in Nova Scotia, and even Soviet hydrofoils. Although some of them are in a state of complete chaos, these weird places have some unforgettable beauty.

This photo of an abandoned old farmhouse in Ontario, Canada is the most puzzling because it shows a beautiful, luscious green lawn. Although the property seems to have been completely destroyed, it seems to fend for itself.

Who would bother to take care of lawns, watering and mowing, while completely ignoring the exterior of trees and property?

Baikonur Cosmodrome is a secret space port in Kazakhstan, leased to Russians. In April 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first astronaut to enter space.

The space shuttle called Buron flew once in November 1988, but there were several test flights, including 24 on Earth. The shuttle cabin can accommodate up to 6 passengers. Unfortunately, due to the collapse of the region’s government in 1991, the project never started. Therefore, since then, the space shuttle has been abandoned here.

This Volkswagen must have had a better life, but no one really drove it into the sea. It is actually part of the Underwater Museum in Cancun, Mexico. There are more than 500 sculptures like this.

That's right, this is a replica of the classic Volkswagen Beetle, home to all kinds of marine life. Those who want to see the sunken beetle can go snorkeling or diving. But those who prefer to stay dry can also choose to take a glass bottom boat.

This home in Nova Scotia is surrounded by dandelions. Perhaps this is the inspiration behind the owner's decision to paint the house bright yellow. As for why this house was abandoned, many people believe that due to the economic downturn in the area and lack of growth opportunities, the original owner was forced to abandon it directly after the death of his parents.

This fishing house is located in the mountains of the Berchtesgaden National Park in Germany. It was built on Lake Obersee, but no one really knows who built it. When someone found this property, it was already empty, but the locals believed that it had been used by fishermen in the area. They wanted to admire the beautiful German Alps in the background and relax their hooks while waiting for the fish to be hooked.

The Selma Plantation in Virginia was once a shining example of the beautiful ancient life in the South. However, when the original owners of the manor dealt with several deaths in the family, they decided to sell the property. Over time, a fire broke out and caused major damage to the house, but the new owner repaired everything and restored it to its former glory. Unfortunately, the house was eventually abandoned and began to fall apart. However, there are rumors that the new owners began to repair the property in 2016.

The area around Mount Sinabung in Karo, Indonesia has become too dangerous for people to live. As a result, many man-made buildings in the area, such as this church, have been abandoned. This was especially necessary in June 2015, when a volcanic eruption covered the sky and surrounding areas with ash and smoke.

The people who lived in these buildings eventually lived in refugee camps until the situation in the area calmed down. However, although some people left forever, others did return to the village, hoping to regain some of their past lives.

The cars in this cemetery belong to American soldiers. During World War II, these soldiers would buy vehicles during their stay. But when the war ended and they were recalled back home, the soldiers found that the cost of transporting the vehicles to the United States was too high. Officers can indeed choose to transport their vehicles at their own expense, but the military is unwilling to pay. Therefore, the soldiers parked their cars on a hill in the village of Châtillon in southern Belgium and left them there.

This ferris wheel in Japan is very impressive and abandoned like the theme park in which it is located. But as early as 1979, the Kejonuma Leisure Land theme park was packed with more than 200,000 visitors every year. But it is more than just fun rides.

The park also provides campsites and cabins for their guests, as well as hotels for those looking for more modern resting places. Unfortunately, the park was closed in 2000, but the owners still use the property to get hot water.

This may look like a beautiful oil painting of a cottage, but this abandoned building is located on the outskirts of Studbury, Ireland. According to local legends, this property was probably built in a yellow forest in the 1800s or 1900s. It should be easy for anyone who stumbles in the woods to find it because it has a vibrant blue roof that distinguishes it from most cottages. Therefore, anyone who wants to take a break from busy city life should consider spending a few days here.

Located in the waters of San Frutoso, Italy, there is a bronze statue of Christ. It is said that it is one of the three deliberately put into the water after production. The first statue was completed in 1954 and placed near the area where Dario Gonzatti died in 1947. Gonzatti was the first Italian to use scuba diving equipment. Unfortunately, crustaceans and corrosion forced the city to demolish the statue in 2003 and put it back in its original location after it was restored in 2004.

McDermott Castle is located on an island at the southeast corner of Lough Key, Roscommon County, Ireland. But the 12th-century fortress was almost destroyed by a fire when it was struck by lightning in 1184. In the end, McDermott decided to build another castle, but when the family lost the island, they were also forced to abandon the castle. Except for the castle being used in a TV series called "Moon Boy" in 2014, the building has been abandoned.

In March 2011, the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit the Fukushima area. The earthquake also led to a nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Okuma City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. This forced everyone in the town to evacuate, leaving houses and shops like this supermarket completely abandoned. But to this day, the floor is still littered with products that fell during the earthquake.

Whenever light hits this 19th-century arch bridge, it will take on a complete circle with exactly the same reflection in the water. But you don't need to travel to Middle-earth in time. It is actually located in Germany and has some very familiar things, like what one would expect to see in the paintings of artist Thomas Kincaid, or as the background for fantasy movies such as the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

Most people don't have a backyard large enough to hold a jet plane. But in the backyard of this property outside Kazan, Russia, a huge TU-144 supersonic passenger plane is parked there. Passers-by discovered it by accident, and they uttered the word on the plane.

Soon, photographers from all over the world began to use drones to take aerial photos of this metal beast. Some drone videos even showed someone starting the plane, even though it never took off. But why anyone even has this jet in their yard remains a mystery.

Norwich State Hospital had 95 patients when it opened in 1904. By 1915, it had more than 1,000 patients, and by 1955 this number had grown to 3,186. There are also various buildings connected through a network of underground tunnels. One of the tunnels leads to this theater.

But there are rumors that this is a terrible place full of mentally unstable patients, some of whom are considered criminal mentally ill. There are also rumors that the staff have problems with ethics when treating patients. Eventually, the hospital closed in 1996, but reports of murder and suicide over the years have fueled ghost stories.

This Soviet passenger hydrofoil was found abandoned and rusted in the forest near the Kama Reservoir in Russia. As early as the 1960s, Russia introduced these passenger hydrofoils to enable people to navigate the waterways faster. But this particular model has the ability to ascend from the water at high speed. They were used until the 1980s. Unfortunately, when the Soviet Union disintegrated, the production of these vehicles ceased.

After being buried under the shallow water and sand of Wales for 65 years, an American WWII Lockheed P-38 Lightning aircraft appeared. But how did this plane get here in the first place? Well, in 1942, pilot Robert F. Elliot had to make an emergency landing due to a fuel supply failure during a practice mission.

But when the plane landed, its belly cut off a wingtip in the water and eventually sank. Fortunately, Elliott escaped at the time, but he was shot down on another plane three months later, and his body was never found.

Located in the middle of this purple meadow in Olpund, Bern, Switzerland, is this beautiful old farmhouse. Although the building has been abandoned and better days have been clearly seen, it still looks like a majestic painting against the backdrop of beautiful terrain and sunset. Unfortunately, one of the reasons why farmhouses like this are abandoned is that the area is not suitable for growing crops due to climate reasons.

The Jianqing Ancient Road near Taiping Mountain Villa in Taiwan was originally a logging railway with a total length of 5.5 kilometers. In 2004, it finally turned into a 2.3 km long hiking trail. Unfortunately, a typhoon hit the area, leaving only 900 meters of the original hiking trail. It has remained this size ever since, because the area has been unstable due to typhoons and opening the remaining trails would be dangerous.

The Mir Diamond Mine is located in Mirny, Eastern Siberia, Russia and was built in 1957. At that time, it began to eject diamonds from this huge man-made hole called the "Earth Navel". Unfortunately, after years of producing diamonds one after another, the hole stopped its plan in 2001, and then the diamond mine finally closed completely in 2011. But the structure of the hole itself still exists.

The Atkins Hall apartment in Cork, Ireland is not the kind of place people voluntarily expected to live in in the 1800s. At that time, it was a three-story mental hospital, which accommodated male patients on one side and female patients on the other. Eventually other buildings were added, such as the gated cottage and the Irish church. In the end, the shelter was turned into an apartment complex, but half of it was still abandoned.

Nara Dreamland was once a thriving theme park in Japan, and later turned into a cemetery for several rides, including the spiral roller coaster, a challenging roller coaster that makes your heart beat faster.

Another previously popular roller coaster in this theme park is the wooden roller coaster called Aska, which provides a beautiful view of Nara Dreamland before passengers are forced to experience a terrible descent. The theme park should be demolished, but it still stands.

This former sanatorium, also known as the sanatorium, was built in the 1900s in the shape of a capital letter E. It had 145 rooms when it opened in 1915. Then 19 more rooms were built, but they were not completed due to the outbreak of the war. Some of the treatments performed in this nursing home include electrotherapy and hydrotherapy.

After the war, a series of compressed air cabinets were built to help patients with upper respiratory health problems. But as communism spread in the area, tourism began to decline, and buildings like this were eventually abandoned.

On August 25, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the east coast of the United States. One of the hardest-hit places was New Orleans. As a result, many places were abandoned due to structural damage, including this Six Flags amusement park.

Although many years have passed since Hurricane Katrina ravaged this place, the city has revisited different proposals for how to deal with this property. Some people think that it is worthwhile to restore various exciting rides and reopen the park, but so far, no plan to restore the area has been approved.

The Búðakirkja church is located in Búðir ​​near the beach and lava field in Iceland. The original church was built in 1703, but was only demolished in 1987 a few centuries later. Búðakirkja Church still retains the original bells, the Holy Grail, and even the old cemetery of the former church. Over the years, couples have chosen this black church with white windows to get married and take pictures outside.

This dilapidated wooden house in Boyd, Oregon looks like something from the Old West. It is surrounded by a field of wheat. The area is nothing more than a ghost town, as it has been since the company left the area in 1955.

At that time, due to the aftermath of the Great Depression, the town could not earn enough wheat income to make ends meet. Tourists did not visit the town, so the business continued to fail. In the end, everyone left, but there was an old wooden grain elevator that continues to produce grains today.

A retired oil producer named Bob Lee built a series of domes in Roman Point near Naples, Florida in 1980. They may not look like many, but they used to have windows with beautiful views of the beach. They are also solar powered. In 2005, shortly before Hurricane Wilma swept the area, these domes were eventually sold to John Tosto and caused significant damage to the houses and the entire coastline.

There are tons of castles abandoned throughout Italy. Some of them are even being sold and fully restored. Others require a lot of maintenance, and this castle is one of them. It is obvious from this photo that although it would be cool to explore this abandoned castle, people must pay attention to their footsteps so as not to fall over the collapsed area. But its balcony, winding stairs and huge basement did not make it less beautiful.

Shipwrecks are usually the result of natural or man-made disasters. But the shipwreck on the Moreton Islands was intended to create a safe haven for small ships in Queensland, Australia. These previous ships have been used as barges and steam dredgers, some of which date back to 1963. The sunken ship was placed there at the request of the owner of the boat.

The Swallow’s Nest Castle is located on the top of the Aurora Cliff in southern Ukraine, overlooking the Black Sea at Cape Etodor. It was built in 1911 by a wealthy oil merchant. But before that, the area where the castle was located used to be a wooden house built in 1895, known as the "Castle of Love". Unfortunately, anyone who wants to find a Disney princess behind these walls will be very disappointed because the castle is still abandoned.

Halcyon Hall was built at Bennett College in Millbrook, New York. As early as 1890, it was intended to be a luxurious five-story hotel with 200 rooms. Unfortunately, the hotel closed in 1901.

Then in 1907, a New York school teacher moved her girls' school to the former hotel and built other buildings. The area eventually became a college, Bennett College. But by 1977, financial difficulties forced the college to go bankrupt, and it was not dismantled until 2014.

Neuruppin in Brandburg, Germany is the abandoned Gentzrode, once the home of Ludwig, the son of Karl von Diebitsch. The young man wanted a mansion suitable for the king to live in, with a beautiful garden and even a family tomb.

The renovation project was completed around 1877, but all the funds he invested in the renovation project bankrupted him and his family. Eventually, over the years, Gentzrode was handed over to several different owners, including the Nazis. But when their troops left the area, the property was abandoned.

The IM cooling tower is a power station in Belgium, built in 1921. At the time, it was considered one of the largest coal-fired power plants in the country and was the main source of energy for the town of Charleroi in 1977. The tower can cool 480,000 gallons of water per minute.

But over time, it was discovered that this tower produced 10% of Belgium's carbon dioxide emissions. Soon, Greenpeace began to protest, which eventually led to the closure of the factory in 2007. But the tower still exists.

In 1881, an elephant-shaped building was completed. It is called Lucy the Elephant Bazaar and has a winding staircase leading to Howdah, which is a seat for guests to ride on a giant elephant. Unfortunately, when the building was used as a tavern, poor Lucy caught fire.

In another incident, Lucy's Howdah was blown off. By 1960, the building was so dilapidated that the city condemned it. But its remnants still exist, and a committee was eventually introduced to restore her former glory.

This ancient mining town on Silver Island in Lake Superior, Ontario, Canada, was abandoned around 1911. After a large amount of silver was discovered in 1845, the town attracted miners. However, due to the frequent occurrence of icy waves, tides and storms in the turbulent waters of Lake Superior, it is difficult to mine silver.

But in the end, the miners recovered about $3 million in silver by building a breakwater made of concrete and rock. But in 1883, due to lack of funds to maintain the operation of the town, all mining operations ceased, and a few years later, the locals left.

The Dixon Cove shipwreck occurred in the 1970s when the ship encountered a storm, pushed it into a deeper strait and ran aground there. Some unconfirmed rumors claim that the ship was carrying marble. Others claimed that it had a cargo full of wood, and the crew tried to unload the cargo to prevent the ship from drowning, but failed. The third rumor indicated that this ship was carrying another ship, but when both were on fire, the crew had no choice but to abandon both ships.

SS America was built in 1940 and has been used as a passenger ship for decades. But in 1941, the navy used the ship, but the crew did not know that there were two undercover Nazi agents from Duquesne Spy Ring. Fortunately, the FBI found them and 31 other spies and convicted them. But in 1994, during its 100-day journey, the ship encountered a storm off the coast of the Canary Islands, which destroyed it in two.

Sandwiched between the two houses is this abandoned Victorian house in San Francisco, California. The roof looks better for a few days, and one of the windows seems to be broken. However, if the new owner decides to renovate the place, the house still has great potential as a holiday destination for Airbnb or writers. The house even has its own garage. After mowing the lawn and removing weeds, the front yard will be an ideal place for gardening activities.

I don't know why the original owner of this Beetle decided to simply drive it to the lagoon beach in Milnerton, South Africa, and then threw it there, but it happened. But some people think that the owner may drive the vehicle to the beach with the wheels stuck in the wet sand. In this photo, there is flares off the coast reflecting in the water on the surface of the coast. As a result, they are more likely to get stuck and decide to abandon the vehicle so that they can escape for their lives.

Michigan Central Station in Detroit replaced the former station in the city center after a fire forced it to close on December 26, 1913. Although the new station has not yet been completed, it has been put into use. More than 200 trains left the station every day before the start of World War I.

By the time of World War II, the station was mainly used by my army. But as cars became more and more popular, train traffic decreased. By 1988, the station was permanently closed, but Ford Motor Company purchased the property in 2018 and plans to use the old station for its own benefit.

Today, the ancient Helensburgh railway tunnel in Australia is made up of trees, bushes and waterfalls. But as early as the early 20th century, it provided a safe passage for trains passing through hilly countryside. But this railway was abandoned in 1920, when the local government decided to build a new two-lane track for its steam locomotive in a brand new location. But tourists can still visit the old tunnel until a few rotten apples decide to destroy it.

This may be unbelievable, but this waste industry in Bogotá, Colombia used to be a well-preserved and busy hotel surrounded by the horizon. But when the Bogotá River was polluted by industrial waste, local authorities failed to implement a plan to solve the problem. This led to a rapid decline in the number of tourists, and once popular hotels closed their doors. The terrible building on the edge of the cliff is all that remains.

This abandoned house in great Nebraska was filmed in 2015 when the lights above the night sky were crackling. This creepy-looking picture was actually taken by accident. The photographer had been sitting in his car and taking pictures until he finished developing the photos before realizing that he had taken this weird picture, which made the abandoned house look like a supernatural haunted house.

This creepy looking abandoned railroad bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is one of many railroad bridges in the area. The reason the railway bridge was abandoned is because cars have become everyone’s preferred mode of travel, and travel by train has become less popular. As a result, the city rejected these railway bridges, and without funds for proper maintenance, they fell into chaos. And it would cost too much money to get them to function normally again.

The Harley-Davidson motorcycle in this photo belongs to the National Police in Puente Piedra, Lima, Peru. They were discontinued because the department did not have the necessary budget to provide proper maintenance. Another major problem is to order spare parts to repair these broken babies.

Therefore, in the end, a couple auctioned them in bulk at a price of $1,300 in order to take them apart and create a fully functional bicycle that could be sold for $12,000. The rest are in this Harley cemetery in Peru.

In 1780, a British warship named HMS Ontario sank in the Great Lakes area, but it was not discovered near Niagara and Rochester in New York until 2008. Surprisingly, this ship, known as the oldest British warship found in the Great Lakes, is mostly intact.

But 35 years before the ship was discovered, a man named Jim Kennard had already started looking for the ship that sank in a storm centuries ago. It is said that 130 crew members died that day. But until Kennard cooperated with Dan Scoville, they were able to find Ontario in just three years.

Pencho Semov became Bulgaria's first billionaire in banking and trade. Naturally, he wanted to live in a mansion, so he bought this property. But two years before his death, he began to hope in his will to transform this mansion into a nursing home. Unfortunately, his wish was not realized after his death in 1945. Instead, the Bulgarian government turned the mansion into a tuberculosis ward to treat infected people.

It is hard to imagine that this is the last house on Holland Island, because the area has 360 inhabitants and in 1910 it was a densely populated island in the Chesapeake Bay. In addition to houses, there are churches, schools, shops and several homes on the island. Unfortunately, erosion began to erode the island, so in 1914, locals tried to build walls with stones to prevent the island from being eroded.

But this wall did not work. Therefore, most residents demolished their houses and moved out. Then, a tropical storm in 1918 damaged the church, and the church closed in 1922. Finally, in 1995, one person spent 15 years trying to save the island, but in the end, only the old house was left.

This mysterious shipwreck was discovered in 1988 and is believed to be a trawler named Khanka. According to the researchers, Khanka is one of several trawlers used by the Russians for communication and surveillance tasks.

This seems to be the case because there is evidence that there are electronic and communication equipment and other forms of spying equipment on board. But this is not the only shipwreck found at the bottom of the Red Sea. This is the only shipwreck known as the Russian shipwreck.

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